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Steve and Annabelle Carey have been running safaris in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya for the last 20 years. Steve is third generation Zimbabwean and grew up on a farm where he spent most of his youth tearing around with the other children on the farm tracking animals and trying to shoot things with catapults. (His great grandmother arrived in Zimbabwe from South Africa on an ox wagon aged 16 with her parents and 9 siblings, not knowing where they were going and often far from water at times they lived on meat killed by lions, and boiled stagnant water from puddles.) From an early age Steve was fascinated by animals and birds, his favourite bed time story book aged 4 was Roberts Birds of Africa! After leaving school, Steve ran canoe safaris on the Lower Zambezi before passing the 5 year Zimbabwe professional guide’s apprenticeship and exam and he went on to run walking safaris in Matusadona national park on Lake Kariba with his business partner Graeme Lemon.

When tourism collapsed in Zimbabwe in 2003, Steve and Annabelle moved to Zambia for a few years before settling in Kenya. They fell in love with Laikipia for its huge diversity of animals and geography, the wonderful enthusiastic people and the freedom to explore on foot as well as by vehicle. As well as walking , Steve loves watching animal behaviour and working out what they are going to do next. A safari is extremely educational but he and his team also try to make it fun and exciting and pack in as much as possible into each precious day.

Annabelle was born and raised in Scotland, loves cooking, art, languages and animals. She has a degree in archaeology and has spent the last 14 years running safari camps with Steve. They have 3 sons between them, Tristan, Fynn and Rafe and welcome guests of all ages to share their life in the bush.

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Hey Steve and Annabel. Back home to the wet of the scottish new rainforest! So thoughts readily turn to Laikipia Wilderness last week. Thank you we had a fantastic time, really outstanding and so much enjoyed everyone’s company, especially Irish Izzy!!!

Annie and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Great company, especially the huge ellies (and huge groups of them by the river that day),wonderful giraffes, buffalo (uninvited guest to lunch!), horrified hippos as Steve sent them packing (esp their expressions when they came up from down under and saw him still there), the wild dogs; a completely new experience and such fun to follow, and we were wowed by the leopard/dikdik kill: fantastic. Great to see a leopard so close up and for so long. There’s something about hyena that I just love to see, and so much more of interest and fun we just loved it all.

Moment of the tour? a night out under the stars takes a lot of beating. A frisson of anticipation, the close camaraderie of dinner in the bush (and in the dog!), and who knows who was making which of those noises all through the night. I’ll do it again at any opportunity! Really though, we enjoyed being with Steve and being able to get off the wagon regularly to investigate one opportunity or another, to look at tracks, pursue the shy leopard, and so on. It was different to other safaris, and so much more involving. And great fun to share it with all the family from time to time.

I hope we can come again before long, and enjoy it all in the bush, and the return home each time to the “best showers in Africa”! Meanwhile good luck and have fun. N, Scotland

Steve and Annabelle thank you for a truly wonderful stay in your new camp. Having been in the safari industry for forty years I can honestly say your camp hits the nail on the head, extremely comfortable, great food, beautiful location and best guides but not losing sight of the bush or trying to be anything else. Promise me nothing will change! We will be back very soon. E, 86 year old Kenyan conservationist