Activities and Wildlife

We specialize in making each day an adventure, there are no set routines as each day is different depending on what the wildlife is doing, and what you will most enjoy. Here is a list of activities on offer:

  • Walking – This is our speciality, you can walk as much or as little as you like, anything from 30 minutes to
       several hours, a full day walking safari and a night camping, or multi-day mobile walking safari. Whether you
       are a fast or slow walker and regardless of fitness and age, walking is a completely different way to
       experience the bush. For us, this is the most in depth bush experience you can have, tracking animals,
       finding bits of bark chewed by elephants, egg shell, bones, seeing birds you would miss in a noisy vehicle,
       hearing alarm calls of animals startled by predators. Walking opens up a completely different aspect of the
       bush and far from frightening as it might at first seem, it is educuational, thrilling and peaceful all at the same
       time. For keen walkers we run pre-arranged mobile walking safaris in Laikipia, from our camp to other camps
       and lodges, or starting and ending at Laikipia Wilderness. Please email us for more details.
  • Game drives, Night drives – the best way to see wildlife up close and for photography. We have both
       open and closed vehicles with roof hatches, ideal for photography.
  • Rock-climbing, Swimming, Rafting and Fishing in the river, as well as following animals every day, the
       landscapes are beautiful and a source of lots of adventure.
  • Samburu village visits – Home to one of our guides, an afternoon visit is hugely rewarding and
       enlightening and the community proud to show you their way of life
  • Birding – Steve is an avid birder and loves taking guests out looking for new birds. We also organize birding
       expeditions to special birding spots around Kenya.
  • Fly-camping – Dinner around a campfire, sleeping under the stars, often a highlight of the holiday.
  • Tracking Wild-Dogs – We are lucky to have the fastest growing population of wild dogs in Africa here in
       Laikipia. Tracking them by vehicle and occasionally on foot is unique and we can end up with some of the
       best wild dogs sightings in the world here on our door step. Their territories are huge but within a small area
       there are two wild dog packs.

Laikipia is like nowhere else in Africa. Miles and miles of unfenced wilderness, beautiful scenery, wildlife that is on the increase and in greater numbers than anywhere else in Kenya except the Mara. A perfect climate, wonderful people still very close to their traditions and proud, and the freedom to explore this haven any way you can imagine. Unlike the endless open plains in the Mara, Laikipia boasts a wonderfully variable landscape; rocky outcrops, little rivers, riverine forest, acacia woodland, open plains and escarpments and we are incredibly lucky to have the option of getting out of a vehicle to explore this amazing area on foot as well as covering ground by jeep.

Amidst this scenery there are large numbers of elephants in smaller herds than in some parts of the country, a sign of being unstressed. Reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, hippos, buffalo, warthog, lions, hyenas, bat-eared foxes and lots of antelope species are all commonly seen. Of the more exciting and interesting species you may not find elsewhere we are lucky to have excellent leopard sightings, striped hyena, aardwolf, aardvark and not least, some of the best wild dog sightings in Africa. Groups of photographers or just plain wild dog enthusiasts come to this area so see wild dogs whose territories are huge and can take a few days to find but with five days to a week to concentrate on them, we usually have excellent sightings.

If you have a specific interest such as following lions, wild dogs, photography or birding, please let us know or tell your travel agent so we can put together a programme to suit you exactly and maximize your precious time here.

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